Couples Challenge

Let’s be serious here- everyone loves a little friendly competition. When you know you’re battling it out against someone, you’re definitely more incentivized to push it harder and faster. You don’t want to fail, you want to win, and you’ll do it by any means necessary.

Ok so wow that sounded REALLY intense. What a great intro to the post. Did I scare you away yet? ROIIIDD RAGEEE. Kidding. The point of this post is to tell you all about a little 23 day Get Fit challenge between my boyfriend, his roommate, Chris and his girlfriend, Sam, and myself. (I know, 23 is a totally random number. Chris and Sam are leaving for Mexico on June 23rd and we’re starting tomorrow. Apparently they don’t want to eat super clean and not drink when they’re in Mexico? Weird!) What started off as a “Little Friendly Challenge” email chain started by Chris quickly turned into a Little NOT so Friendly Challenge. The boys weren’t too excited about our idea for them to give up drinking and bread for 23 days…

Since our goals are all varied, we each set individual challenges for ourselves. Also- I should change the name of this Challenge- its not a Couples Challenge, it’s boys vs girls. So mature. But obviously, Sam and I will win.

Me and Tommy Tom

Chris and Sammy Sam



  • Interval Training & Work Outs 6 days a week
  • NO sweets & NO processed foods/carbs
  • 5 lb weight loss (or zero weight gain if muscle is built)
  • Flat stomach & toned arms


  • My personal goals is to get back to a “lean” 210lbs (at least) by “lean” I mean that will be up to Samantha’s discretion whether I met that goal or not
  • Lose the marshmallow stomach I’ve recently acquired
  • Regain whatever remnants of abs I have
  • Workout minimum of 5x/week
  • Cut drinking to 2-days/week (might even cut a few beers out of those 2 times)
  • Increase the size of my as…glutes to fit into my pants again


  • I’m already going on my challenge: get to 240. No other rules/regulations (sidenote: Tom has been steadily losing weight over the past few months and is already down 25 pounds!)

Emily (me) duh-

  • No drinking
  • No sweets (including Paleo treats!)
  • A 6 pack (abs, not beer) prob unrealistic, but overall toning of my bod
  • Minimum 2 cross training workouts per week excluding spin
  • Spin minimum 5x per week
So as you can see, all totally different goals. We’re all healthy and pretty fit already, but this is just a fun way of pushing it to the limit and really motivating each other. Also, it’s fun doing this kind of stuff with friends because there’s not as much peer pressure to go out drinking and partying. I’ve seen lots of other challenges happening for the month of June, and think this will be a fun one to do! Definitely will be posting pics and progress along the way. Sam and I are going to keep food journals as a way to stay on track, and the boys are already committing to hitting the gym hard. Everyone’s signed up for my spin class Sunday.. I’ll have to kick their butts eh?
Who’s your money on? Girls or guys?? (Say girls, or else I’ll whoop you!) What should our reward be?! Is anyone else doing a fun June challenge?

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