How Erica Set the Oven on Fire

After reading Erica’s post, I noticed she casually mentioned that she set her oven on fire. Oh no big deal. I wasn’t going to let her get away with not filling me in on the deetz. If you need a good laugh, please see below.

So there you have it. A little peek into the mishaps that occur in our kitchens on a day to day basis. Sort of reminds me of the time my blender exploded ALL over the floor, ceiling, cabinets, and doors in my kitchen. Gooood times, people, good times.




5 thoughts on “How Erica Set the Oven on Fire

  1. I don’t wanna seem presumptuous, 😉 😉 but it seems like Erica could use a few tips on broiling 😛

    To a cook, it was devastating to read someone say she was giving up on broiling, a cooking method that produces some of the, overall, best results. My suggestions are at your service, so ask away and give it another try. lol

  2. Aw it’s so disappointing when you’re looking forward to something and for whatever reason it dosen’t work out! Like when you think that cereal will JUST satisfy your craving and you pour it and get the spoon before you realize there’s no milk. (Although that’s not nearly as dramatic as your steak story.)
    Thanks for sharing your mishap.

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