Banana Cashew Butter

I used to hate Tuesdays. They’re pretty dreary days. You get over the shock of Monday, and being back at work and getting into the swing of things. At the end of the day on Monday, you think to yourself “okay, that wasn’t so bad, I can get through this” only to wake up the next day and find out that it’s Tuesday, not Friday. Womp womp. Such a tease. Wednesdays are like “okay, halfway there”, Thursdays are like “tomorrow is Friday!!” and Friday is like “OH HELL YES”. I don’t even need to describe the joys of Saturdays and Sundays. But Tuesdays? So pointless.

However, my outlook on Tuesdays totally changed since I started teaching a Tuesday morning class. There’s always a great crowd there who seem to hate Tuesdays as much as me, because they’re always gearing up like beasts and kicking ass. Needless to say, these classes have been making me warm up to the idea of Tuesday. It really is crazy how a good workout first thing in the morning can alter your energy and mood throughout the entire day.

Another reason I’m warming up to Tuesday: Wednesday morning. I wake up at 5 on Wednesdays to do the sign in at the studio and take class, which means homegirl needs to be in bed by 10 on Tuesday night. As a result, Tuesday night has kind of become my “me” night. I know that sounds really lame- whatevaaah. I devote Tuesday nights to cooking up a bunch of food for the rest of the week, and last night I was feeling a liitttlleee crazy, so I “whipped up” some banana cashew butter. Yes, you read that right. Banana. Cashew. Butter

I was inspired by PaleOMGs’ banana bread recipe. I made it about 5 times last month (no I don’t wanna talk about it) and always ended up licking my food processor clean because the cashew banana combo tasted so good. I’m trying to avoid paleo baked goods for a little while (bikini season, anyone?) but had 2 ripe bananas that were going to go to waste, so I got a little crazy and modified the recipe to make a spreadable butter.


  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 1 cup of cashews
  • 1 tablespoon coconut butter
  • 2 teaspoons almond extract

And then you just mix it all together in your food processor. And consume. And be happy. Great by the spoonful or as a spread on fruit. I enjoyed some with some dates (the food, not men) while indulging in my new favorite Tuesday night “me time” guilty pleasure- Real Housewives of OC. OMG do you guys watch this show?! It’s so horrible yet so addicting. I’m a huge fan of the new girl, Heather, because she speaks her mind and basically makes fun of every other girl on the show. Oh and because she has a marble seating area in her BATHROOM with her initials monogrammed on the floor and offers her friends champagne as she finishes her hair. Insane. Yes, Heather and Tamra are my favorites, I can’t stand Alexis and Vicki, and Gretchen’s cool. Slade’s a loser. When is that girl gonna wake up?!

Anyways. Make the nut butter. Warm up to Tuesdays. Be happy.



5 thoughts on “Banana Cashew Butter

  1. your day of the week philosophy is the same as mine! and i also made that dreaded banana bread like a zillion times. i recommend making an almond butter sandwhich with it. the bomb.

  2. Oh wow, I’m soooo glad to hear that I’m not the only one who has maybe run my finger around the bowl after filling my bread pan when making that kick-ass banana cashew goodness… Oh, the skeletons in our closets…

  3. I do also watch RHOC 🙂 it is my little secret that I enjoy when I am alone and Keven is not at home 🙂 when I have my girl time 🙂 I think that we, women, sometimes need to have something totally no brainer that we could simply relax and enjoy, reflecting on our non complicated (no big drama) lives …

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