Social Sweat- The New Happy Hour

As you know, I think working out with a friend is the best way to git ‘er done. My friendship with Erica grew from hanging out a gym together all the time. Friday night? Meet at the gym? Double session? Perfect. When you’re meeting a friend at the gym, you’re more accountable for your actions. AKA- you better show up and not leave your friend hanging. You can commiserate post workout, but the bottom line is that you made the commitment to yourself AND someone else to be there.

Another advantage to working out with buds is that you can spend some QT together. I’ve mentioned before that after college, my best friend, Victoria, and I would go months without seeing each other due to our busy schedules. It sucked. That all changed when she joined Recycle, the spin studio where I teach. Even before I was an instructor, we would schedule the same class once a week and go out for dinner or drinks after. Since I’ve started teaching, we’ve made it a point to always go out after my class on Thursdays. It rules.

Okay, enough gushing about my girl crush. I teach Thursday nights at 6PM. As some of you cool kids might now, Thursdays are commonly referred to as “Thirsty Thursday”. AKA- go out and get hammered after work and pretend that it’s Friday. There are a few things wrong with this mentality. When you go out drinking on a Thursday, you will most likely forget that the next day is Friday. Which means you have to go to work. Which means you will be a hungover, miserable SOB at work. Not fun. “Thirsty Thursdays” were acceptable in college, along with “Wasted Wednesdays” and “Sunday Fundays”, but if you’re still using these alliterations in your weekly vocabulary, you might want to reassess your priorities. And your life.

Luckily, there is a solution to this predicament of being unusually thirsty on a Thursday. May I introduce a new alliteration for your vocabulary? Presenting: Social Sweat AKA The New Happy Hour. What this means is you grab some friends, hit the gym, get your sweat on, drink some water to satisfy that “thirstiness”, and then go out and reward yourself with a nice meal and perhaps a beverage that isn’t just H20. “Ohh, but I don’t have time to shower before going out! I look so gross after I leave the gym!” Don’t you worry friends, I got you covered. Check out this easy step-by-step tutorial in how to go from “sweaty gross” to “sexy glam”. Please set your standards for “sexy glam” very low. Lowered? K great, let’s go. (Sorry all these pics are blurry.. we were a bit shaky after class..)

Sweaty Gross.

Yep. So here I am, in all my sweaty stinky glory immediately after teaching. Sadly, that shirt is not originally multicolored. WTF is going on with the two random sweat marks on my thighs? Do I have super wide balls? WHAT IS GOING ON?

The Necessities.

Cleansing wipes (for face and body), extra headband, deodorant (for the love of God, if you only remember one thing, remember the DEODORANT!) lip gloss, and Tommy Girl perfume. Because it’s fun to pretend you’re in 7th grade. (sidestory- I actually do not wear Tommy Girl on the reg. My mom bought it for me as a joke since my boyfriend’s name is Tommy. Get it?!) But for real it’s key to have some kind of fragrance spray in your gym bag.

Or, you could wear an actual cute headband, like Victoria. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing. That whole “looking presentable” thing.


So, essentially my “sexy glam” look is exactly like my “sweaty gross” look.. gray shirt, leggings, and a fresh headband. BUT, when going out post workout, it’s easier to wear something comfy and loose, and spruce it up with some accessories, like a pashmina, headband, or jewels. You don’t want to look like you were TRYING to actually look good, because then everyone would know that you failed. Miserably.


Had so much fun with these ladies! Great workout, great food, great drinks (we earned ’em!!) and great company. We will definitely be making a habit of hitting up the New Happy Hour every week.

Anyone else out there digging the Social Sweat? Do you work out with friends? Spill the deetz!




6 thoughts on “Social Sweat- The New Happy Hour

  1. I concede that “workout buddies” vastly improve the experience, and the magnitude of my workout. You know what also works well, though? A good enemy. Boy! There is nothing like some spiteful motivation, a little ZZ Top, and a pair of running shoes. Wait. Wait. I can explain…

    The concept is actually more similar to the workout buddy one than it appears. See, I run, but I have never done a 5K, a marathon, or been on a cross-country team. However, out of common interest, I have gotten to know some, dated some, etc. Anyway, for someone who never competes, boy did it piss my, now ex, off that I do 10Ks and up at a 9mph pace. Knowing that, I am a little bit ashamed to say, actually made me run even faster. haha

    Keep your friends, and your enemies even closer. 😛

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