Paleo Bandwagon

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Since going Paleo, it has been my goal to help my family see the benefits of the “diet” and eventually adopt the lifestyle for themselves.  At first, everyone thought it was just another fad that would last a couple of weeks. The idea of removing all grain from their diet sounded ludicrous…. “What?! You can’t eat Kashi?! But Kashi is SO healthy!”

Ahhh, the memories.

It seems that recently, Paleo has been BLOWING UP. Emily and I have both heard lots of stories about people slowly adapting to this lifestyle, and it’s pretty kick ass. We hope that people treat it as a way of life, and not just a diet. A few of our close friends/families have been getting into it, so we thought we would do some chronicling of their experiences, and even some guest posts! We love hearing people’s experiences, challenges  and achievements, so if you have a story you’d like to share, please give us a holler 🙂

As you all know, my parents finally jumped aboard the Paleo train in January. They were amazed by how great they felt and how much more energy they had. After the first week, they started noticing changes in their bodies. The weight they had been trying to lose began effortlessly falling off. Their clothes were fitting a little looser. Their stomachs began flattening out. They were totally hooked. My mom, who has always been technologically challenged, even started a Pintrest account to keep track of all her Paleo recipes. Cutie.

And today marks another milestone in my family’s Paleo quest. My sister, who used to be anti-Paleo, will begin her first 30 day Paleo challenge today. Proud sister right here! I feel like saying something along the lines of “look at you all grown up and removing toxins from your diet like a big girl!” However, since my sister is older than me, I don’t think it would go well. But regardless, I could not be more excited or happy for her. And, since my sister is a writer, I will ask (aka excessively annoy) her to write a guest post about her experience. Ya’ll stay tuned now!

In other exciting news, my sister’s husband took his first CrossFit class last night! When I asked him how it went, he responded “you have no idea how much I hate you right now”. So, I think it went great! We talked CrossFit for a while (which I love) and then he excused himself by saying he needed to “crawl to the couch and eat his dinner”. I love it.  It will only be a matter of time until he drinks the kool-aid…

Anyways, I’m sure all this news is not nearly as exciting to you as it is to me. So, thanks for letting me ramble! If you guys have any tips or tricks on getting people to see the benefits of Paleo, please share! I am still trying to work on my boyfriend, so any help is appreciated 🙂



7 thoughts on “Paleo Bandwagon

  1. I have in the last few months changed my workouts from a PowerLifter scheme to more Crossfit Circuit style so naturally a new diet would follow….I’m on day two of the “30 Challenge” and so far so food. I have found that most everything contains sugar and after years of brown rice and oatmeal to fuel my lifting this is a bit different but so far so good…I will be interested to see what happens to my energy level without the carbs.

  2. What are the main things you eat on the Paleo diet? Is it like meat and veges? Im a teenager and I still live at home, and my mum cooks every night, so if I did it, I would probably have to eat a separate diet to everyone else! Could you give me a few ideas? I already eat quite high protein diet, so what would i have to do to go completely paleo!?

  3. I need your help to calm my “nerves” :-p
    I’ve been doing the Paleo thing for about a month and a half, and I’m loving the food and the results I’ve seen and everything, but the concept of “fat” is still a huge challenge for me 😦 After years of getting my weight under control through really limiting the fat content in my diet, I was a bit ready to curl up in the corner like a crazy person last night when I followed a paleOMG recipe which directed me to put brussel sprouts in bacon fat! Like, say what?! :-S I’m not suggesting they weren’t ridiculously delicious, as everything on Juli’s site seems to be, but… it’s a veggie… and I’m cooking it in the part I’m so used to avoiding like the plague. I’ve adapted to the whole nuts and seeds idea, but when it comes to animal fat, I somehow still slide into the worry that I’m falling for a ridiculous joke.
    I’m sure I’m not the only person who has gone through this, right? Or then again, maybe I’m just crazy :-p

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