CrossFit Battle Wounds

In the effed up world that is CrossFit, a bruise, tear or burn is considered a badge of honor. Each injury represents the blood, sweat and tears that you put into every WOD. You do not give up. You don’t slow down. You finish the WOD no matter how badly it hurts. CrossFitters understand this.We admire an athlete that pushes through a WOD with torn hands. We respect an athlete that powers through box jumps with a bloody shin. Outsiders see it as craziness. We see it as dedication.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty injury intensive for me. Between rope climes, pull-ups, front squats and hang power cleans, I think it’s safe to say I’m pretty bruised and battered. So, I thought I would end the week with a little collection of this week’s CrossFit battle wounds. Please excuse many of the creepy, poor quality pictures. Since I am at work, my resources were very limited.


Rope Burn


I have a bad habit of getting to the top of the rope and panicking. Heights freak me out. So, as soon as I get to the top, I want to get down as soon as possible.  As a result, my shins usually suffer. Oh well, its better than falling 16 feet to the ground, right?

Torn Hands           

I told you guys Chelsea was a bitch. She really did a number of my hands.  Luckily, I remembered to shave down my calluses in the morning so it wasn’t too bad. It’s become part of my normal routine.. wash my hair, shave my legs, shave my calluses..

Front Squats

Hello, Myspace picture. Yes, I understand this picture is creepy and weird. But, do you know what’s even more creepy and weird? Having someone walk into the bathroom while you are standing in your tank top taking pictures of your bruises in the mirror. Pick your battles.


Turkish Get-Ups

This is actually from awhile ago, but I thought I would add it anyways.  I think this bruise if from a 21-15-9 WOD of TGU (Turkish Get-Ups), box jumps and shoulder presses.

Guess where I’ll be spending my Friday night? Hint: it’s not on my couch moaning and groaning. I’m heading to the gym right after work for some 21-15-9 pullups and box jumps with 5 stones (floor to shoulder) in between rounds. Am I crazy?

Happy Friday!

-Erica (the artist formerly known as EB)


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