Random Thoughts on a Friday

Ready for the most random ramblings/rant/words of wisdom ever? Ready? Excited? Okay, go!

1.) I made this Maple Walnut Sweet Potato Loaf last night for dinner. I can’t even tell you how good it was. It was SO good. Go make it, right now!

I know it’s supposed to be a breakfast dish, but breakfast for dinner is bomb. I also cooked up some chicken apple sausages and spinach to make it more dinner-y. Highly recommend Al Fresco’s chicken sausages. I spent a long time in the grocery store trying to find the most “all natural” sausages, and these were legit. My only regret is that I bought one package, not 10.

2.) I re-did my Spring Break ride (minus the double arms!) last night. It was awesome, but I can honestly say I’ve heard enough Shaggy the past month to hold me over for awhile.

3.) It’s so f-ing important to get up and MOVE. Every day. Even on your day off. Today was my “rest” day, and I slept in til 7 (crazyyy!) When I woke up, I had a mental struggle about whether I should hit the gym or throw my rollerblades on, but knew I needed to give my body a rest, but still wanted to do something. My legs were wicked sore, but my body was telling me to GET UP and move around. Solution- I went for a 2 mile walk. Nothing crazy, but enough to wake my body up, get my blood flowing, and my mind functioning. And I got a little sweat on (naturally.. because when do I NOT sweat?) Oh, and I got to see this beautiful late sunrise.

4.) Have a huge glass of water when you wake up. Whenever I wake up, my stomach is always growling. I immediately assume that it’s hunger, but it’s not, it’s dehydration (most of the time). So before you gorge yourself on an enormous breakfast, chug a glass of water first to see if you were really actually just thirsty…. and THEN gorge yourself on a big breakfast.

5.) Bananas also do the trick for point #4.

6.) Whenever you are dragging ass and don’t feel like getting out of bed, or going to the gym after work, think of how good you’ll feel AFTER. Yes, getting there sucks sometimes, but get that feeling in your head of how amazing you feel after a workout, and let that be your motivation. Getting there is the hardest part.

7.) If you sit at a desk all day (like me), make sure you get up and move that booty! Even for 15 minutes. Get up. GO. The world will continue to spin on it’s axis, even if you don’t respond ASAP to an email.


So, don’t really know where I was going with this post. Just wanted to spit some knowledge and share some random thoughts that go through my head. I’m heading to NYC tomorrow and am going to check out Flywheel, which I’m PSYCHED about. I went to SoulCycle last time I was there (does anyone else spend their vacations going to random gyms??) and I had a great time, but have heard amazing things about Flywheel, so I’m looking forward to checking it out and comparing the two studios. Totally going to go beast mode on that Torq Board…

Have an awesome weekend!



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