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We were very excited to have been nominated for an Inspirational Blogger Award from Amateur Healthy Girl (even though she did say we were “nuts”.. meh, probably true) Still can’t believe that we’re helping to inspire people to work out and stay healthy.. truly brings a smile to our faces when we get nice messages like that! We really love being part of the fitness blogging community- it’s helped us stay on track and keep motivated as well, so we’re happy to share the love.

So, the deal with the award is that we share 7 things about ourselves (as if you don’t know way too much about us anyways… sorrryyy) and then nominate 7  other bloggers that inspire us. Kind of like a pen pal chain letter thing? We fear that if we don’t pass it on, a giant anvil will emerge out of dark clouds from the sky and fall on our heads….

Which brings us to our first fact:

1.) We’re total scaredy cats. You probably thought we were total badasses based on this blog (HA) but we’re not. We both leave all the lights on when we’re home alone, triple check all the locks before going to bed, and run out to our cars at 5AM for fear of getting attacked in the 10 foot distance between our back door and our car doors. Normal, right?

2.) Speaking of being badasses, our absolute perfect night involves working out, cooking, watching HGTV, and being in bed by 10. So we can wake up at 5 or 6 to work out. We’re wild ones..

3.) We shamelessly try to guilt our boyfriends into adapting to our Paleo lifestyle, but so far, we have both failed. Miserably. Their facial expressions tell all. But we still love them anyways 🙂

4.) Our ultimate goal is to open our own gym together, complete with a Paleo cafe.

5.) We 100% believe that chocolate can be consumed for medicinal and emotional purposes.

6.) We both hate running. When we did cross country in high school, we purposely would get lost in the woods so we could take our sweet time crossing the finish line. We also would encourage each other to “slow down” so we could chat during our races and runs. We also used to camp out during the pizza shop we worked at during our practice runs instead of actually running. Okay, maybe we should just move onto the next subject, this is embarrassing…

7.) We truly believe that working out with a buddy is the best way to stay on track. Even if you spend the entire workout bitching and complaining about how hard it is, at least you’re still there, getting your sweat on, and spending time with someone you like. It’s a great way to stay motivated because you’re being held accountable when you know you’re meeting someone at the gym, or the track, or in a class, whatever. So go grab a friend, or go make a friend, drag them to the gym, and get to it!

And our blogger nominees go to:

1.) PaleOMG– Okay, yes we KNOW we have a serious girl crush over here. But seriously, the main reason we are able to stick with Paleo is due to Juli and her genius blog. Her recipes are easy, quick, and bombtastic. And she’s hysterical. So there.

2.) Nom Nom Paleo– Amazing Paleo recipes, AND now an iPhone app?! Amazing!

3.) Rubies and Radishes– Such an inspirational blog, and homegirl is an awesome photographer. We should take notes..

4.) Spin Muse– You know when you “meet” a blogger online and you feel like you’ve known them forever? That’s the connection with Amanda over at Spin Muse. She posts awesome playlists and has a Twitter feed that will make you LOL. For realz.

5.) On Tap For Today– LOVE reading this blog! Elizabeth has a really eloquent style of writing, and her posts vary from day to day happenings, her fitness adventures, and her adorable French bulldog (reason enough to check it out).

6.) The Aspiring RD– Katie teaches at the same studio as Emily, and is getting her degree as a registered dietician. This blog is jammed packed with info about nutrition, and Katie’s personality makes it fun and easy for non-sciency people like us to read!

7.) Strong-Process– Rachele is also a fellow instructor with Emily, and is getting her PhD Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition & Exercise Physiology (yeah I had to copy and paste that from her blog, wayy over my head) and her blog tells you everything you need to know about your muscles, why they work the way they do, post recovery tips, etc. Basically, she’s infinitely wiser than we shall ever be, and we love checking her blog out!

There are so many blogs out there, it was hard to cut it down to 7- but these are the ones we check on a daily basis. We like this list in particular because it covers all aspects of what we’re into: cooking, Paleo, music, exercise, and nutrition. So, now it’s their turn to post 7 things about themselves, and pass it on. Total chain letter situation happening right now.

Hope you guys all enjoy and let’s hear some more nominees! We love finding new blogs and “friends” 🙂

-EB + ES


14 thoughts on “Inspirational Bloggers

  1. Thanks so much for the mention! Kind of bummed there is no actual trophy (jk)! Super cool to be listed with such other awesome bloggers too! Love your blog as well, such a fun read!

  2. HOLLER!
    Just found your blog Emily~~ Looks great! Keep up the great posts ladies and congrats on the nomination!!!
    See you at spinning tonight –

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