Boston Marathon Inspiration

Yesterday was the Boston Marathon. It’s legit considered a holiday here in Boston (they call it Patriot’s Day.. but really, it’s just Marathon Monday!) While I decided to not run a casual 26 miles yesterday, I love how alive the city becomes in the weeks leading up to the marathon. Boston is such a tiny city to begin with, but people really come together to support the runners (and drink their faces off). It was unusually warm here yesterday (87!!!) and while I’m sure the runners had a difficult time with the heat, I had a dandy old time at the beach. My skin sorta hates me today, but it was worth it.

All over the city, New Balance has been gearing their most recent campaign towards marathon runners. Even though I didn’t run the marathon, these ads get me pumped up (the agency that I work for did them!)

I imagine if I was a runner, they would pump me up even more! Speaking of runners- there was a woman in my spin class this morning who ran the marathon yesterday. Talk about no f-ing excuses. That is the definition of beast mode. I felt kinda bad for her because I over-indulged this weekend and made it a point to have a killer class, so I don’t think it was the nice leisurely bike ride she was looking for. Either way, true inspiration right there.

Sorry for the quick post today- the downside of having a day off means that you have one less day to do everything you gotta do! Grrr. Some exciting news tomorrow though, stay tuned 🙂

Happy Toooosday


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