Thirsty Thursday

The title of this post is a total joke. I haven’t done a “thirsty Thursday” in I don’t even know how long. Mostly because I think it’s a lame reason to drink during the week, and because I teach on Thursday nights, the only beverage I’m consuming is water, and lots of it. I always make plans to meet up with friends or my boyfriend after class, like “oh I’ll just come home and shower then come meet you!” and then that never happens. As soon as I get out of the shower, I face a tough decision.. spend 45 minutes making myself look presentable, or put on sweatpants and crawl into bed. Guess which one prevails, every single time? Sweatpants FTW.

Erica is finally back in the Boston area, and she was a total rockstar and came to my class last night. As most of you know, Erica and I have been fitness buddies since we started playing soccer together in 7th grade, and it’s really how we’ve kept in touch over the years. Playing sports together and working at the same gym all throughout high school, then always having gym dates when we were home on breaks from college. It’s always more motivating and fun to work out with a friend, and honestly, I’d rather go to the gym or to a fun new workout class with a girlfriend then going out for drinks. Does that make me lame? I don’t think so. I used to see my friend Victoria about once every other month, and it would always be to meet up for a drink or grab dinner. Now, I see her several times a week because we work out together. It rules.

So Erica and I had a pretty wild night. After getting disgustingly sweaty together and rocking out to some Spice Girls in class, we headed back to my apartment for some craziness. And my craziness, I mean we cooked some bomb spaghetti squash, watched HGTV, crushed some baked bananas and Kava tea, and went to bed at 10. Thirsty Thursday indeed.

A successful attempt at “whipping” something together! We baked the spaghetti squash, then mixed in olive oil, fresh basil, chopped tomatoes, salt & pepper, oregeno, garlic, and lemon. It was really easy, light and delicious. Definitely had a summer feel to it. I’d love to have my own herb garden, but since I can hardly keep a plant alive, we’re going to have to take baby steps on that one.

This morning, we slept in (til 6:15.. CRAZZYYY) and took a class at B-Tone. It’s an awesome workout for tightening and toning up, especially after a long week of spinning and CrossFit. Thoroughly looking forward to a day of rest tomorrow!

Wow, what a tangent of a post. I’m all over the place. I also spilt two containers of water today- one all over the machine/myself in class this morning, and the other at my desk while a coworker was trying to have a conversation with me. Clearly having some issues today. Blaming it on Friday the 13th.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!



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