Spring Break 2012: Recycle Style

Sometimes, the reality of being an adult living in the “real world” smacks you hard in the face. There are certain times of the year when you really feel the weight of your situation, particularly when September rolls around, and you realize you just spent the entire summer indoors, working, not gallivanting with your friends, going to the beach on a Wednesday. Yeah it sucks. Pretty hard. But what sucks even more is missing out on spring break. I can deal with having to work in the summer since the weekends are still nice. But spring break is the killer. By the time March rolls around, I am SO ready for a vacation, a break in the day to day routine, and want to scream at any college student I hear discussing spring break plans. Enjoy it while you can, suckers! The real world awaits you!!

ANYWAYS. I decided that we corporate folk shouldn’t be deprived of an epic spring break. So what, we can’t sneak away from our cubes to go get our freak on in Cancun for 10 days? We CAN sneak out a little early on a Friday night to go get our sweat on with total strangers in a hot and steamy club, AND rock out to some Pitbull and Shaggy. Where can this magic take place, you might ask?! No other place than Recycle Studio. Ladies and gentlemen, behold: Spring Break Ride 2012.

3 Explicit songs?! Yup, someone’s a total badass over here. And you’re reading that correctly- DMX and Da Rude both made appearances during this hour of amazingness. What up, 2001? And I think we might go down as the first group in history to do the Cupid Shuffle on the bike, with our triceps. Win!

Spin studio? Or club in Mexico? You be the judge.

In all seriousness, this was hands down my favorite class that I’ve taught. The riders were going balls to the walls (I really think half of them were pretending that they were at a club somewhere in Mexico, circa early 2000’s, which was totally A-OK with me) It was really inspiring seeing people smiling and even starting to laugh at the start of certain songs (I mean, REALLY- when was the last time you heard Shaggy??) All in all, it was such a fun time, and I can’t say that I’ve ever been sweatier in my entire life. Legit- I could wring my headband and tank top out after. It looked like we all had just hopped out of a shower. This is usually the norm for most rides at Recycle.. but it seemed to be particularly steamy up in there (up in here.. up in here…anyone? anyone? Bueller?) on Friday.

I definitely want to plan some more fun theme rides. So far, I’ve done a 90’s ride and a disco/funk one, but this one felt special because it wasn’t at a normally scheduled time. Anyone have any suggestions? Also- be sure to check out the new BADASS Recycle website! Hope to see you guys in the studio soon. I can’t make any promises that I won’t be re-playing Shaggy or Lil’ Jon…



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