No Excuses Part 10,0000000

Thank you to everyone that took the time to share their goals with us, we love to see what you guys are up to! Now that the goals are set, it’s time to get to work and kick some ass. Working towards your goals is going to require some hard work and determination. You might even want to give up from time to time. Don’t. Think about the payoff and the reward. The light at the end of the tunnel. Everyone here is capable of achieving something great this month. Don’t bitch out on your goals and pick something that will be easily accomplished. Challenge yourself. Push yourself to the limit. See what you are made of. Don’t focus on the possibility of failure. Don’t make excuses. Think about your goal and envision yourself succeeding. HTFU and get to work! Yeaa buddy!!

-EB + ES


4 thoughts on “No Excuses Part 10,0000000

  1. Love it. Nice kick-in-the-butt, girls, I needed that! not for the exercising per say, i never need a an extra kick-in-the-bootie to run or workout, but this quote can be used for every area of life. Thanks 🙂

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