Jammy Jams

Happy Monday!! How was everyones weekend? Any good workouts?

So, I did it. I jumped on board the Hunger Games bandwagon. Goodbye, productivity. I spent 5 hours on Saturday curled up on the couch reading, and didn’t change out of my pj’s until I was forced to go out to dinner. And I skipped going to the bar because I wanted to immediately go back to my couch and finish the book (which I did). Even though I was a total slug, it was really nice to have an entire day off doing nothing. I can’t remember the last time I had a day where I absolutely had nothing to do. Everyone needs days off sometime. And I compensated for my state of vegetation by taking a killer spin class Sunday morning, taught Sunday night, and again this morning. So, you gotta savor those days of rest πŸ™‚

I’m teaching a ton this week, which I’m psyched about. Classes have been packed lately- I think everyone is in full on beach body gear. It’s always so inspiring to have a full class and see everyone busting ass. Seriously- the other night I was starting to fade during a sprint and seeing my students going absolutely beast mode kicked me back into gear. So thank YOU all for kicking my butt! Here are my playlists from yesterday and today.

Oh, and since I was all about 80’s power ballads this morning, naturally I had to wear a shit ton of neon.

Sorry for the crappy picture- it was 5:30AM and my eyes were half shut.. that is, until I was blinded by the neon. Check out my new kicks!! My boyfriend bought them for me this weekend (I bought him a pair of spin shoes to convince him to keep coming with me.. muaha!) They’re bright neon and are seriously the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever put on. I’m not a runner, but the woman said they were awesome for running. I just plan on wearing them every single day with every single outfit. I forgot the name of the make, they’re Nikes, but I’ll find and let you know! They come in all different colors. Boyfriend got the bright blue ones. Sad to say this is not the first time we’ve bought matching sneaks..

Wow, what a tangent. Can you tell I have lots of energy this morning and am being a spaz-mitaz? Stay tuned for some more posts today. Apparently Erica was far more productive than I was and did a bunch of cooking!

Sidenote- I made everyone clap to the beat when “Sussido” came on this morning. Really couldn’t control myself.



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