Paleo Questions: Answered

My effort level at work today is slipping from subpar to borderline unacceptable. I have already accepted (and embraced) the fact that today is just not going to be a very productive day. Apparently my coworker isn’t feeling the same way and seems to be increasingly annoyed with all my non-work related questions. This pretty much sums up how I feel right now…

This might be because it is absolutely gorgeous outside (for New England March standards). Here’s the view from my tiny window:

So, since I am in such a sharing mood and am sitting in a cube by myself, I thought I would reach out to you guys, my virtual friends! Emily and I are SO excited and overwhelmed with all of the support and followers we received yesterday from being Freshly Pressed. One of the reasons we started our blog is because we were so inspired by other fitness and health bloggers out there, so for us to be reaching out to people and hopefully bringing some inspiration is pretty incredible. Thank you guys for supporting us and stopping by!

We’re so glad many of you have embraced a clean lifestyle and wanted to answer some of the common questions that were coming up in the comments about being Paleo and what foods you can eat. So I’ll do my best to answer some of those questions today.

 What do you eat for breakfast?
The question should be, what DON’T you eat for breakfast?? When you go Paleo, you have to shift your breakfast mentality. As Americans, we’re so accustomed to carb loading first thing in the morning with cereal, bagels, croissants, muffins, donuts, waffles, pancakes, etc. The list goes on. But there’s so many breakfast alternatives that fill you up even more than empty carbs and don’t make you want to fall asleep at your desk. We’re both big fans of this breakfast smoothie which has coconut milk, fruit, almond butter, and protein. It’s fast and easy to make, you can take it to go, and it keeps you full! But don’t be afraid to eat meat or leftovers first thing in the morning either. Avocado is really filling as well, and tastes great with a grapefruit. So big breakfast foods for us are bacon, fruit, sweet potatoes, coconut milk, almond butter, Larabars, and nuts. If you’re feeling ambitious/have a little more time, you can whip up a frittata, omlette, breakfast casserole, or one of these delicious loafs. Here’s a glimpse into our day to day breakfasts:

 Bacon and fresh fruit!

Grapefruit and hard boiled eggs.
Yes, Emily designed this to look like boobs. She’s mature.

Grapefruit, sans boobs

Sweet potatoes with coconut milk, cinnamon, and raisins

Not bad, huh? Missing your bagels yet? Don’t! Trust us, these taste way better, and there’s actually more options for breakfast when you ditch the carb loading mentality.

What CAN you eat on Paleo?
We realized that in our 30 Day Challenge post, we did focus a lot on things you can’t eat, rather than what you can. So, in a nutshell, the things you CAN eat on Paleo are: Fruits, veggies, meat, fish, nuts, seeds, and oils. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but trust me, these go a long way! Do you KNOW how many vegetables there are out there? A freakin’ ton. For a complete list, check this out (this list is super clean.. we do eat bacon in moderation and indulge in Paleo sweets from time to time, but that list is a great starting off point).

What do you eat for snacks?
One of the misconceptions of Paleo is that it’s hard to eat on the go, because although most snack foods in America are pre-packaged processed crocks of shit, they are convenient. But, as long as you do a little preparation in advance, it is really easy to eat on the go following a clean diet. Nuts and dried fruits are the easiest to bring anywhere, same with carrots and celery sticks. But if you don’t feel like eating like a rabbit 24/7, you can also have Paleo beef jerky, grain free granola, or any leftovers from the night before. Here are my top to go Paleo snacks-

  1. Lara Bars – I seriously can’t get enough of them.  I would happily eat them for every meal if I could.  My favorites are definitely the apple pie, coconut cream pie and lemon. I have an apple one for my mid afternoon snack today and I’m so excited.
  2. Melons and Berries – Its just something about these two fruit groups that set them so far ahead of other fruits. Blueberries are definitely top of the list, but honeydew melon comes in a strong second.
  3. Bacon- With anything really. Bacon with brussel sprouts, bacon with eggs, bacon wrapped scallops, bacon and dates, etc. The list goes on and on!
  4. Cashews – I’ve recently rediscovered these nuts. I was on an almond kick for probably the last 5 years and completely neglected the cashew. But, once Emily and I made the chocolate cashew butter, it reminded me of how delicious they are. I have trying to portion these things out recently since I could easily eat a whole bag in one sitting.
  5. Avocados – Avocados are great because they’re so versatile and go with anything.  Avocados have a ton of healthy fat which is always a plus. I add them to omelets, salads, dips and almost all proteins. Grossed out by when they turn brown? Add a little lime juice to the flesh to keep them green for days!

Anyways, hope this helps! We’re trying to get to all of your comments and questions, but thought this would be a good starting point. Again, we are SO happy and grateful to have “met” all of you and hope that we can keep encouraging each other to stay fit, happy and healthy 🙂


PS- For those of you newbies, there’s two of us manning the SEGR front! EB is me (Erica, the blondie) and ES is Emily (the brunette)


17 thoughts on “Paleo Questions: Answered

  1. I keep reading about Paleo and I think I am going to give it a try. I was very inspired by your clean eating post and hope to grow the courage to put some before pics on my blog.
    PS Thanks for clearing up who is who on here! 🙂

  2. I think if people integrated just one paleo meal a day instead of one of their usual SAD meals, they would see and feel a difference. Especially their biggest meal of the day.

  3. Thanks for interesting stuff on paleo. I haven’t studied it too much so I have a question: do you really NEED snacks or can you go all day with just 2-3 big meals? I have followed quite strict (meaning “fun and clean”) low carb diet since last July and totally lost the need for snacks. I have usually just a breakfast, lunch and maybe a third meal at home, sometimes just coffee with cream instead of the meal (fatty cream so that’s maybe 200+ calories, you could call that a snack I guess). I eat different nuts as a snack when I have a day with some exercise but otherwise nothing. I’m also not the smallest person, even after losing lot’s of weight I’m still 191cm/6’3 and 95kg/210lbs so I need plenty of calories anyway…

    • I noticed that I snack more frequently on days that I work out in the morning simply because my metabolism is revved up and needing fuel. I always have at least 4 meals a day, but I think everyone’s body is different!

  4. Hi 🙂 enjoying following your blog… You’ve posted some awesome breakfast ideas, what about other meals? Could you please suggest some other fun recipes? I’m new to the whole idea and struggling to come up with exciting lunch and dinner options too 😉
    thanks! Keep at it! You two are inspiring and entertaining too :p

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