B.R.A.T meets Paleo

Apologies for the lack of post the past few days. Erica is traveling, and I was away on what was supposed to be a quick ski vacation, but Mother Nature had other plans for me. 15 days in to the 30 Day Challenge, I got hit with a stomach bug, hard. Not just any kind of stomach bug. This was a big “F U Emily” stomach bug. Absolutely came out of NOWHERE. I was skiing out west this weekend, everything was hunky dory, then it hit me so hard I could hardly stand up. I won’t bore you with the gross details, but let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. I spent a couple hours in a medical clinic one day, and 7 hours in the hospital the next day. The doctors thought I had appendicitis, which I don’t, thank G, but I still got the works done.. oxygen tube, blood work, 2 IV bags, cat scan, morphine injection.. fun vacation!!

So, of course, I haven’t been sick in forever, and this bug just decides to come and hang out right in the middle of the challenge. Screw you, bug. Per doctors orders, I’m officially now on the BRAT diet (bread, rice, applesauce, and toast) for a few days. I honestly think the stress/thought of eating toast and rice contributed to the pain in my stomach. I was really nervous about eating gluten and rice after not eating it for months. I was so upset that halfway through the challenge, I was experiencing a total setback. I know it’s dumb, obviously getting healthy again is the #1 priority, but still. I’m a stubborn beeyotch, what can I say?

The first two days, I really had no appetite for anything. I had a little white rice and some ginger, a banana, but that’s about all I could handle. I tried ignoring the doctors orders, convincing myself I could stick with Paleo, and ordered a steak with veggies, buuut that didn’t go over so well. I told you I’m stubborn. The past few days have been interesting, trying to find stuff to eat that won’t totally screw up my system. I almost had a heart attack when I went to the store last night and tried to find soup that didn’t have a shit ton of additives and preservatives in it. I’ve mostly been sticking to applesauce, bananas, and rice, while trying to stay clear of bread.. although, I’m not gonna lie, I had a cashew butter and jelly sandwich at the airport yesterday and it was pretty amazing. I’m finally starting to feel better today. I took a day off from work to catch up on rest, and have been feasting on some Saltines, applesauce, and rice. Sexy, huh? Surprisingly, my body is handling it well. I hope to only have to do this for another day or two before reverting back to my normal diet. Not sure if I’m going to jump right back into the challenge, or give it a couple of weeks.

Other than a little head cold this winter, I haven’t gotten sick at all since going Paleo, and have wondered what I would eat if I were to ever get an upset stomach. As much as it pains me to cook up a bowl of white rice, I know it’s what my body needs right now, and I want to get better as quickly as possible. How do you guys handle a stomach bug on Paleo? Would love to hear any feedback/advice for the future, because the BRAT diet is pretty effing boring.



2 thoughts on “B.R.A.T meets Paleo

  1. Mark’s Daily Apple had an article recently about staying primal while sick…..

    That’s a wicked flu you had, you must be glad to be starting to fel better!

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