ActivewearUSA: Product Review

The lovely ladies from ActivewearUSA were kind enough to ask me to test out and review one of their workout tanks from the Margarita Activewear line. I was really excited because a) I’ve never been asked to write a review before and b) I have a hard time finding workout tops that fit well, so I was looking forward to trying a new style.

I chose Margarita Activewear Top #928 because I liked the shape of it and the simplicity of the lines. Naturally, I chose black. Shocking!

I rocked this top last Friday, when I did back to back spin and CrossFit (bad decision) but I wanted to test out how the top felt during cardio and during cross training. This baby definitely held up to both tests. It’s made of a Supplex and Lycra material, and did a great job of wicking away my massive amounts of sweat. It also had a tight fit (in a good way) with a longer length, so it wasn’t riding up at all on the bike or during my 7 minutes of Burpee hell. I absolutely LOVED the fit of this top too. I have really broad shoulders, but am smaller everywhere else in my torso and chest, so usually when I find a top that fits my beastly shoulders, it’s huge everywhere else. And vice versa. So I was thrilled that this one actually fit well everywhere.

My only complaint about the top? It’s such a tiny thing.. but coming from a designer..

The logo. I had major beef with the logo. Albeit it was super tiny and at the bottom of the tank, I felt non-badass with a little daisy on my hip. I know a lot of women are into girly looking things and want to be as feminine as possible when working out (maybe I should get into that mindset…), but I prefer to not have flowers on my workout attire. Like I said, this is such a dumb complaint because everything about the top that’s important (fit, sweat-a-bility, movement, etc) was A+, but the logo just goes against my personal design taste.

I will definitely be scooping up a few of these babies, and perhaps just folding the bottom of the tank underneath to disguise the flower 🙂

What are your favorite workout tanks? Any thoughts on the daisy?




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