Shamefacedly- A Letter of Regret

So, my brother decided to give Paleo a shot about a month ago, and I’m very proud of him for sticking with it. He’s naturally a healthy eater, so it wasn’t too difficult, and he was easily swayed once I told him he could eat bacon. Which brings up another point- why aren’t ALL dudes Paleo? For real. Silly boys.

Anyways.. he’s been pretty sick for the past few days, and couldn’t figure out why. I almost peed my pants from laughing so hard when he sent me this email at work the other day…

“Dear Preacher Paleo,

I think I figured out why my stomach hurt the last couple days…

I haven’t been the strictest adherent to Paleo, but I’ve been pretty
good (excluding a couple of dinners and nights of boozing.)  However, I had a moment of weakness on Tuesday while working from home… and annihilated half a bag of Buffalo/Bleu Cheese Potato chips.  Probably the first time I’ve had chips in at least a month.  Do you think this binge could be the cause of my gastronomical unrest?



So on that note.. I hope everyone resists the urge to cheat this weekend! And Michael, keep up the good work.

Happy Friday 🙂



2 thoughts on “Shamefacedly- A Letter of Regret

  1. LOL, that’s cute! It’s amazing how much we feel the pain of upset stomach after having eaten clean for any length of time….when eating that crap all the time I guess your body sort of gets used to it.

    I drank a beer for the first time in over a month yesterday. It tasted weird….salty….and…weird. 😦

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