Ode to Recycle Studio

Hi! How was everyone’s weekend? Question: Is it possible to have a food hangover? I’m pretty sure that’s what I’m experiencing today. I ate SO MUCH this weekend. There was a lot of family/friends in town visiting, which naturally turned into chowing down. Felt good to hit the reset button this morning. I was actually going to try to do a mini-fast today, but that lasted until ohhhh about 10:30AM. Putting the “mini” in mini-fast, fo sho.

SO! The exciting news I wanted to share the other day was that I got a full time teaching position at Recycle Studio. I am SO pumped about it (3rd time I’ve said “so” in this post. Noted). This is going to be a bit of a ramble, but I need to express my love for this place and tell the story of how it all happened. A little Ode to Recycle if you will.

I first discovered Recycle in the fall based off of a friend’s recommendation. I had gotten certified to teach spin a few months prior, but wasn’t teaching anywhere consistently, and quite frankly, was getting a little bored with spinning. The classes I was taking weren’t challenging and motivating enough, teachers were playing crappy music, and I hadn’t found a gym to teach at that I really connected with. Behold: Recycle Studio. After my first class, I was blown away and inspired- I was immediately hooked. There was literally energy and inspiration oozing out of the walls of the place. The instructors were kick ass, the classes were packed, and I legit had never sweat so much in my life. I wanted to become a part of the studio, somehow and some way, but knew I wasn’t qualified/experienced enough to teach there. After auditioning for a sub position (and not exactly killing it), the owner, Cate, was awesome enough to ask me if I wanted to join their mentorship program to learn more about their style of teaching and get some more experience on the bike. I was psyched.

The mentorship program consisted of 5 girls and 3 instructors, and we were paired up based on our style of riding. I really lucked out with my fellow mentee and mentor (“spin sisters” as we call each other). My mentor, Aly, is a bubbly ball of energy who exudes positive vibes. Seriously, you can’t help but smile when you’re around her. She’s a California girl, yogi fanatic, Lululemon leader, and a serious booty-tapper. Oh, and I also discovered that she can rip power ballads (RIP Whitney) The songs she plays in class get you SO pumped up, you don’t realize how hard you’re working and how much you’re sweating. Well, that’s a lie. You realize it, but you don’t care, because you’re so in the moment. I know that sounds cheesy, but Aly really has a way of motivating people in her class, and I was thrilled to be learning from her. My fellow mentee, Denva, was just as awesome. It was really helpful working with a partner who was just as motivated and eager as me. We were practicing several times a week, taking classes, swapping playlists, and meeting with Aly. The support system between the 3 of us (and the other mentees and mentors) was unreal. Like I said, this place oozes inspiration. Even the members ooze! It’s a small studio, with only 17 bikes, so it’s really intimate. You really get to know the members on a first name basis, and I love how there’s a strong sense of community in the studio. And, it’s not just about a physical workout. It’s really about clearing your head and “recycling” your entire body when you’re in there. We ride by candlelight, and the music is absolutely bumping. You can’t help but feel the energy and be inspired when you’re in this place.

Did I mention that it gets really sweaty down there? I love it.

ANYHOO. Here I am today. I just found out last week that I’ll be teaching every Thursday night at 6 PM. I play a variety of jams (if you read this blog, you know I’m all about 80s, mashups, dance, classic rock, etc) and I love arm pumpin’ and booty tappin’ to the beat. If you live in the Boston area, definitely come by the studio! All of the teachers are so incredible, and the classes are a blast. Be warned- it’s not a traditional style spin. It’s EVEN BETTER! We use arm weights on the bike, incorporate arm pumps, jumps, sprints, and do a lot of riding to the beat of the music. I personally think this is more of a fun workout, and makes the classes go by. And, it’s always nice to feel the burn in your arms and abs after doing 45 minutes of cardio 🙂

Check out my sweet bio and the other BAMF instructors here. And check out fellow instructors Katie and Rachele’s blogs here and here-they know more about health and shiz than I ever will 🙂 Hope to see you guys there soon!



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