The Whole 30

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Last week I finished the Whole 30. I honestly haven’t felt better in my entire life. I had tons of energy, slept like a baby and experienced several milestones- like drinking my coffee black. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Whole 30, it’s basically adopting a super Paleo diet for 30 days. That’s means- no Paleo brownies, bites of pizza or Hershey kisses after a long day. To be honest, I thought it was going to suck a little. However, after the first week, I noticed that all my cravings started to subside. I no longer craved sweets at night, which, for me, is a feat in itself.  I started sleeping like a rock every night and waking up a couple minutes before my alarm refreshed every day.  As it got closer and closer for the 30 days mark (I may or may not have had a running count down in my planner), I found myself wondering why I would ever want to eat any other way. I felt amazing, I recovered better after workouts and I noticed my max lifts were getting a little easier and easier.

Unfortunately, I made a deal with my boyfriend that after the 30 days were up, we could have a pizza and junk food night. I literally stressed about this in my last week of the Whole 30, trying to come up with an excuse to get out of it. I know, I know, this is such a stupid thing to worry about. But, to my own defense, I was traveling for work and had A LOT of alone time to think. So whatever. Anyways, the day came and we got pizza and ice cream. The pizza was fine, but definitely not worth writing home about. Then, about 20 minutes later, I started feeling awful. It felt like there were fireworks going off my in the stomach.  That night I slept terribly. I woke up at least every other hour sweating for no reason. After my miserable night’s sleep, I went to the bathroom to get myself together. I looked in the mirror and BAM- THREE new zits.  I literally could have punched the mirror I was SO pissed. During the Whole 30, I didn’t get one pimple. My skin was SO clear. I originally attributed this to the amount of water I was drinking (since that’s the only thing I could drink). But after the pizza night, I knew it was related to my diet. I was bloated, tired and zitty for the first time in 30 days. It was awful.

After my carb fest that night, I was shocked to realize how hard it was to jump back aboard the paleo train. All I wanted was sugary and starchy foods. I found it harder than ever to say no to the candy stash that is conveniently located next to my cube (I swear those kit-kat bars were staring at me telling me to eat them every time I walked by).  Minus a handful of chocolate covered pretzels and a few nutterbutters (damn you, Super Bowl party) I’ve managed to fight back against the urge to cheat. So today, I make the vow to suck it up and be stronger than my cravings.  And, since I am a five year old and respond well to incentives, I promised myself a new pair of Lululemon spandex if I stick to that until the next day pay. Conveniently for me, the next pay day is only 6 days away… I think I can do it.

How do you guys manage your cravings? Do you have cheat treats or do the negatives outweigh the positives?



4 thoughts on “The Whole 30

  1. AW, I am so sad you were “forced” into a carbo-loading feast last night. I am totally an all or nothing person so I go with the “nothing” when it comes to food and stick with my paleo foods! 🙂 How I beat cravings? Black coffee with stevia… chewing gum (probably the only thing not paleo in my life… considering I chew orbit)… and roasted butternut squash, which is super sweet when roasted and so freaking tasty!

  2. OMG, it’s like being a junkie! Not that I have personal experience in being a junkie, but it seems like after you had a “hit” of the drug (carbs), you were right back to where you were before you quit!

    I’ve been wondering about peopel’s experiences with eating non paleo after a clean run of it. Thanks for posting this!

  3. That is crazy! I am going to read more about the Whole 30 because I really need to do this too! I just can’t stop the cravings sometimes. Mine are very bad at work from the stress, but I have been drinking tons of plain hot water. It really helps in the afternoon get pass the snack attack. This is SO interesting, thank you so much for posting!

  4. I just found this post and I’m currently doing the Whole30 now. I’ve read so much about people waking up before their alarm; are you usually a morning person? This is one aspect I’m looking forward to. I’m on day 7 but still every morning is such a chore to get out of bed! 😦
    It is true about the cravings.. though my cravings for fruit have gone up a little 😦 Glad you survived, and I wish EVERYONE would at least try to do this program at least once.. so many people are too negative about it!

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