Workout Weekend

I spent a lot of time sitting on my ass this weekend. And by sitting on my ass, I mean sitting my ass on a spin bike. I guess I can’t even say I was sitting, because really, what good is a workout on a spin bike if you’re sitting?! Tons of booty taps, jumps, sprints, arm pumps.. man. It was an awesome weekend. I took 2 classes and taught an impromptu one. I am SO sore today though. Holy crap. I’m having flashbacks to when I first started spinning. You know that feeling the next day, where you literally feel like you can’t sit down? That’s what I got going on today. Owweee.

Yesterday, after teaching, I took a Super Bowl Sweat class. Even though our beloved Pats lost, (I actually really could care less about football, but since I live in Boston, I guess I have to pretend like I’m mourning today?) it was a KICK ASS ride. Christina had such a pumped up playlist, she legit made us feel like we were about to play in the Super Bowl. It’s really amazing how much good music can change a workout. Tons of rock, complete with a 10-minute Madonna halftime set. 10 minutes of straight arm work on the bike. Woof. I literally had a hard time lifting my arms to wash my hair.

Our kick ass Pats coach! Christina is one of the few people I know who can pull off white, horizontally striped spandex. Girl’s got a body for days.

 VLamby and I clearly need to work on our badass football faces. Oh yeah, class came complete with eye black. Those babies sweated off my face in about 2.5 seconds.


What were everyone’s favorite workouts this weekend? Anyone else using Monday as their off day?!



6 thoughts on “Workout Weekend

  1. you guys should look into tai chi!! it is great…ima be teaching it soon..but you guys probably live lil too far lol but check it out in your area, you’ll be glad you did. if it seems slow at first, give it time, it gets better 🙂 peace

  2. I love those black and white striped capri leggings your friend Christina is wearing! Where are they from!? (I tried looking online but cannot find any like them). I want some!! Thanks 🙂

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