Barre Burn Class Review

I’m a gym hopper. It’s a bit of a problem. You see, I joined the gym near my apartment because it was the closest/cheapest full service gym. Spin studio, yoga, aerobics classes, big weight room, tons of cardio, etc. But it turns out all the classes suck. Like, walk-out-halfway-through-the-class-because-I’m-not-sweating kind of suck. So, as a result, I bounce around Boston, finding new ways to get my sweat on, and only go back to my normal gym a couple times a week when I feel like crushing weights and grunting with meatheads.

Taking group classes, especially with a friend, are an awesome way to stay motivated and keep your workouts exciting. My fellow gym hopper and long time BFF, Victoria (check out her blog for all things beauty and fashion related! Seriously, this girl knows her shiz, and is far more put together and attractive than me), and I have been checking out new classes together. Last week, we went to a Barre Burn class at Equinox. I had no idea what to expect, but I ended up loving it. It was circuits of squats, lunges, plie jumps (you know, the ballerina shiz), planks, and balancing and stability work holding onto a bar and doing kicks and craziness. Oh, and there was a killer abs sesh at the end. It was kind of like a Pilates class on crack, and with more cardio bursts. Overall, I highly recommend it. I was SO sore the next day from working little muscles that I didn’t know existed. Just a great tightening and toning workout. The instructor was really upbeat and energetic, which was helpful and made the class fly by. I definitely preferred this over the VipR class we took a few weeks ago.

Only negative to the Barre Burn class was that it made me realize how unbalanced and non-flexible I am. Must. Go. To Yoga. More. Often. Gaahhhh.

You guys do anything fit and badass this weekend? Any must try classes?



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