Quick Morning Rant

Today I would like to start the day with a quick morning rant. Now, I’m not one to judge others at the gym. I don’t care how strong you are or what you wear. The fact you are there, busting your ass day after day, is awesome. But, one thing I will never understand is how or why girls work out with their hair down. Did you forget an elastic, or, are you just having that great of a hair day that you want to show it off? This seriously baffles me. Last night there was a girl that did this. I mean she had gorgeous naturally (I think) blonde hair and was, in fact, having a great hair day. But why would you EVER want to keep it down during tabada hand stand holds or max rep double unders? Doesn’t it get in your way or stuck to the sweat dripping down your face? Maybe that’s just me. Girl needs a Bondi Band like woah.

 On a side note, when I googled “girl working out with hair down” I found this picture with the caption “never trust a girl who works out with their hair down”.  I thought that was sorta funny…

Do you have any gym gripes you want to share?  We’d love to hear them!


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