Up Close and Personal // Bondi Band Review

We here at SEGR had a recent epiphany after reading this awesome post on Chef Katelyn about maintaining a blog. Sometimes, it’s really hard to find the time to research a particular subject we want to post about, or set up glamorous food shots of recipes we’ve cooked. In my perfect world, I’d be able to literally sleep, eat, cook, go to the gym, and blog. All. Day. Long. Buutttttt that doesn’t appear to be in the cards anytime soon. So, guess what. This blog is getting up close and personal. Rather than go days without posting because we can’t compose the perfect article, or find food photographers to set up lighting on our spaghetti squash, we’re going to be posting a lot more from the heart. Prepare yourselves for a whole lot of random rants, ramblings, and our day to day experiences. We’ll still be spitting knowledge on Paleo goodness and kick ass workouts, but there’s going to be a lot more personality happening. You can send all complaints to Chef Katelyn for inspiring us. Ready? Ok, GO!

What better way to get a little more personal than sharing a MySpace-style creeper shot of myself at the gym this morning. I know you all wanted to see what I look like after 45 minutes of cardio and an ab sesh at 7am. You’re welcome.

The point of this photo is to not only talk about my love for all things 80s and neon colors, but my (our) newest obsession with Bondi Bands. These things are AMAZING! I’d been searching for awhile to find something thick enough to keep my bangs out of my face so I didn’t look like Zack from Saved By The Bell (you know, when his hair spiked through the front of his hat, so hot) and wasn’t having any luck. I like the Lululemon headbands as they don’t slip or move around at all, but I was getting some serious Zack action. I love how thick these are because they hold my bangs back AND make me feel like some kind of badass warrior. FTW.

Bondi Bands come in a gazillion different colors (naturally I have only black, hot pink, neon green, and bright blue ones… 80’s for life) and you can also get patterned ones, ones with sayings, or make your own! Even though they’re thick in width, they’re really lightweight and do a good job of keeping sweat from dripping into your eyeballs. However, this means that they absorb all the sweat, so they’re pretty soaked at the end of a workout. If you’re a sweaty beast like me, just have an extra one on hand to put on after your workout if you’re trekking out into colder temperatures. They legit do not move from your head, which is awesome if you’re planning on bouncing around and moving a lot.. which you should be… because you’re working out.. remember?

These things are lifesavers. I have about 20 now and stash extras in my gym bag and purse. They’re on sale right now, 5 for $5 (normally $8 each, still a great price!) Just enter the code FIVE in the coupon code before checkout. Hope you guys enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Up Close and Personal // Bondi Band Review

  1. Hey cool name Bondi Bands 🙂 and seems very usefull even gals with long hair can use it coz that gives comfortable feeling while workingout i have a mid long hairs and i also need one of these BONDI BANDS….

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