Being Paleo in Public

One of the funniest things about being Paleo is all the looks you get ordering at a restaurant or eating something weird at work (like mashed sweet potatoes for breakfast). As you guys know, I travel a lot for my job, so I need to be extra careful/creative with what I order. Take for example, breakfast. Every day, I order one out of the three paleo-ish meals on the menu. The conversation with the waiter usually goes as followed:

Waiter: Would you like any orange or apple juice this morning?

Me: No thank you, I’m fine with water.

Waiter: Alright what can I get you?

Me: Can I have the western omelet cooked in olive oil without the cheddar cheese, and instead of the home fries and toast can I have the fresh fruit cup without the mascarpone … please?

Waiter: Oh, you can substitute the bread for a muffin or bagel if that interests you more?

Me: No thank you, the fruit is fine.

Thanks waiter. Thumbs up 

Thankfully, I have been at this hotel now for 2 months and they know what they are dealing with every time I order. But, once in awhile I will get a new waiter, and completely throw them off their game. Poor things, its way too early to put up with my BS.

Then comes lunch. I go food shopping at Whole Foods on Mondays and stock up with everything I need for the week. For some reason, everyone thinks its weird that I choose to make lunch every day (since the company pays for it when I travel) rather than just to go out to eat. That’s when I usually have to explain to them that, although Mexicana Fiesta and Pizza Palace sound delicious, I’ll stick to my grilled chicken salad, thank you very much.

And finally, let me start off by saying I’m not proud of what I am about to tell you. I know lying is bad and rah rah, but sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Anyways, one time at work, my boss decided to order pizza for the office. (On a side note, it was freaking Upper Crust Pizza, my ALL time favorite. If you haven’t had Upper Crust, you simply haven’t lived. Seriously, its that good). SO, since I was doing the Whole 30, I REALLY could not cheat. Knowing my boss would not understand the first thing about being Paleo and why I did not want pizza, I lied to him and told him that I had a gluten allergy. I know I know, lying is bad and you especially should not lie to your boss (my mom already told me that it will probably bite me in the ass someday). BUT, if you knew my boss, you would agree this was the best way out.  When I told him I had a gluten allergy, he told me next time he would order gluten free pizza. Then I sorta felt bad. But whatever, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

Have you guys run into any situations like these? What do you normally tell people? Do they look at you like you have three heads?



2 thoughts on “Being Paleo in Public

  1. There is one thing I dislike about every place where I go, and that is the breakfast options! When I am on vacation with my family and try to order breakfast…I always have to ask if they have any chicken or fish or meat that they can give me instead of those popular pancake and muffin breakfasts…the waiters look completely puzzled! And it sucks because usually I end up having to stuff down 5-6 sausages that aren’t too tasty just because there is nothing close to Paleo to choose from!

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