Kettlebell Workout

This morning we did an awesome warm-up that, if intensified, could be an awesome leg and butt workout. All you’ll need is either a kettle bell or barbell. The workout includes regular kettle bell swings, sumo-stance swings, side lunges and one leg dead lifts. We used 35 lb kettle bells, but feel free to scale up or down.  Anyways, here it is…

4 rounds of:

15 kettle bell swings
15 sumo-stance swings
15 side lunges (each leg)
15 one leg deadlifts (each leg)

Now for an explanation of the movements….

Kettle bell swings:

Star with your legs hip width apart and hold the KB or barbell with two hands fully extended in front of you. Squat and bring the KB back slightly between your legs and thrust your hips forward. As your hips come forward, your arms raise locked in front of you over your head. (Yeah, I look this calm doing these.. naaahht)

Sumo-Stance KB Swings:

This is very similar to the regular KB swing, but you start with your legs in a very wide stance, with your toes pointed out. This should deepen your squat as you bring the KB back. You should feel it in your inner thighs.

Side Lunges:

There are two different positions for this move. You can either hold the KB close in front of your chest or you can maintain the regular KB swing position and hold it with your arms fully extended in from of you. Start with your legs hip width apart and step one leg out latterly (as far as you can comfortable go) and squat into the unextended leg. Pull the extended leg in back into the start position and switch legs.

One Leg Deadlifts:

These are my favorite as you can really feel the burn doing it. Start with legs hip width apart and either hold the KB in with one or two hands fully extended in front of you. Slowly bend at the hips and bring the same leg (that is on the side in which you are holding the KB) back behind you, keeping your leg straight. As you bring your leg back and bend at the hips, bring the kettlebell down across your body to the stationary and let it touch the ground. Slowly reverse the movement by bringing the extended leg back in and raising the KB back into the start position.   In order to keep your balance, try to focus on a stationary object. I think balance is definitely the hardest part of the movement.

After four rounds of this, you will definitely be feeling it. As always, take breaks as needed in between sets to make sure you maintain proper form. Good luck!




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