Paleo Breakfast Smoothie

We’ve been meaning to post about these ridiculously amazing smoothies for awhile now, but usually in the morning I am rushing out the door/spilling smoothie all over myself that I forget to take a picture. I can barely put my pants on and find matching socks and you expect me to remember to take a picture? Let’s be realistic. However, this morning I took the time to compose a BEAUTIFUL shot on my iPhone and was late to work. Just for you SEGR readers, just for you. You’re welcome.

Anyways, these smoothies are bomb. Really filling and full of goodness. And relatively quick to make, unless your blender explodes and gets all of the walls, ceiling, floor and cabinets in your kitchen….

Yes, that happened to me. No, I don’t want to talk about it.

-8 oz. coconut milk (low fat or full fat)
-3-4 ice cubes
-1 banana
– Handful of berries of choice (strawberries and blueberries rule)
-1 tablespoon almond butter
-1/2 scoop of protein (optional)

Throw that good ish in a blender and get down on it! Blend until desired texture is reached. I prefer mine really thick, but if you like yours smoother, add a splash of water.



10 thoughts on “Paleo Breakfast Smoothie

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  2. Looks and sounds amazing! I will try it :). I often put almond milk in my smoothies. But I have never tried almond butter in there! I wonder if I used both almond milk and almond butter, if it would actually taste like almonds. Usually the fruit and protein powder are overpowering.

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