Get Excited

Next week, once Erica is back in town, we’re having a Paleo bake off. We’re both really excited (see conversation below) as we both have a huge sweet tooth and haven’t indulged in baking Paleo treats yet! Mainly because I’m lazy and buying coconut and almond flour requires going to a whole other grocery store and by the time I’m done cooking dinner I just want to go to bed. Anyways, we’re PUMPED and can’t wait to post recipes! Do you guys have any favorite treats?

Sorry if this convo is TMI for y’all, but just wanted to give you a glimpse into our super exciting lives. And, if anyone is looking for an excuse to stay in one night to get some cooking done and wake up and work out early the next morning, HGTV does House Hunters marathons every Friday night. Not that I know from experience or anything…

Yeah, my buddy icon is Princess Peach. What of it?



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