Real Beauty

At first, I thought this video wasn’t related to anything in our blog title.. sleeping, eating, gyming, or uhh repeating.. but as I watched it for a second time, I realize it has EVERYTHING to do with this blog. It’s not a workout video, or a new recipe, or something we normally post, but it is a reflection of our society’s expectations for beauty. Sure, we work out and stay fit for our own benefit, but there is definitely pressure from society to look a certain way that is just unrealistic. Sorry, not trying to sound like a crazy feminist here (because I am most definitely not!) but as someone who works in the advertising and graphic design industry, I see first-hand the extreme alterations that go into photo retouching and thought this was worth sharing. The video is done in a funny, light-hearted way, but I think this is a pretty messed up problem our society faces and will only get worse as technology advances. Damn… that shit’s deep!

“This commercial isn’t real. Neither are society’s standards of beauty”




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