Stop Making Excuses!

Since many people will make the resolution to get fit in 2012, we thought we’d share this article that pretty much debunks all of the traditional “I cant work out today” excuses. We included the highlights of the article and some of our own tips in this post, but if you want to read the full version (I promise its not too long) you can find it here: (

Practical Tips to Fit Fitness into Your Busy Life:

  1. Wake up earlier.  Working out in the morning has a ton of benefits including regulating appetite and boosting energy. Also, when you work out first thing in the morning, you aren’t thinking about it all day and figuring out how you will find the time. In my opinion, working out in the morning is the best way to start your day. Start going to bed an hour earlier to help ease the transition.
  2. Be an active TV watcher. Try incorporating some physical activity into your daily TV watching. Make it a point to do push ups, air squats, jumping jacks (or whatever your cup of tea is) during commercials.  This will translate into a pretty good interval workout. (Doing squats while brushing your teeth is a good one too!)
  3. Try an active commute.  One of the best ways to fit exercise into your day is to make it part of your transportation route. If you live close enough, try biking to walking instead of taking the bus. If you take the train, get off one stop before your normal stop and walk. If you drive, park as far away as possible and walk.
  4. Make it part of your routine.  One reasons its so hard to fit exercise into a busy schedule is because you’re not used to doing it. So, vow today to make it part of your everyday routine. This can include waking up and going to the gym, taking the dog for a walk, doing 10 minutes of yoga or going for a bike ride or walk after dinner. Whatever you choose to do, make it part of your daily routine.
  5. Mix socializing with exercise. Do you normally spend time with your friends and family going out to eat, watching TV, bar hopping or going to the movies? Make your social time more active by planning events that get you off the couch and moving. Go for a morning hike, afternoon walk, or play a game of flag football. Whatever you all enjoy doing, do it.
  6. Schedule an appointment. If you had a doctors appointment, would you miss it? Of course not. Working out is just as important as going to the doctors since it helps you perform better as a worker, parent or student. Meet a friend at the gym at the same time everyday or invest in a personal trainer. If you feel obligated to go, you will be less likely to skip.
  7. Find an activity you love. If you don’t like something, you wont do it.  Don’t like to run? Try the elliptical or jump rope. Don’t like to lift weights? Focus on body weight movements. Once you find something you enjoy, you’ll be more likely to stick with it. Plus, if you are doing something you like, it adds more fun to your life!
  8. Just say no. Do you really have to bake cookies for that bake sale or take on a new project at work? If you don’t want to do it, just say no! If something doesn’t make you happy, then just simply don’t do it! Sure we all have obligations to others, but don’t forget about the obligation you have to yourself to take care of your body and health!


Remember, exercise gives you energy and keeps you healthy. So, don’t think of exercise as another chore or something you will “try” to squeeze in.  You owe it to YOURSELF to be the fittest and healthiest version of you! Do you guys have any other motivation tips that keep you going?



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