Surviving the Holidays

Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and spent lots of time with loved ones and caught up on some sleep! Around the holidays, everyone tends to FREAK OUT and stress about everything- shopping, gift wrapping, finishing up work before the office closes, etc. But mainly, people stress the most about over-induldging and getting off the healthy bandwagon during the holidays. We came up with a list of 5 tricks that helped us get through the holidays, and hope they’re helpful for all you out there (sorry it’s kind of late… since it’s after the holidays… shit. Welp, here’s for safekeeping for next year!)

Stick to your normal routine
Do you work out on a normal basis? 4-6 days a week? Eat healthy all year round? Awesome. You’re already on track for healthy holidays. On any given week, you might have one day that you’re a little lazy, maybe a little hungover, maybe eat some bad food, and it’s pretty normal. Sure you feel like crap after, but you know you’ll be back on track the next day. Use Christmas Day as your off-gym day and your semi-cheat day of the week/month. Boom, done.

Give and take
Okay, unless you are Wonder Woman or Superman, you’re probably going to be tempted by the gazillions of sweets and cookies that magically appear in every nook and cranny of your life during Christmas time. Seriously, I turn a corner and there’s a bowl of M&M’s nestled in between my purse and gym bag. How did that get there?! But for real, there’s a lot of temptation out there and honestly, if you’re really craving something, go for it, just be smart about it. For example, I knew my grandmother was making her dank lemon meringue pie, and I knew I most definitely wanted a piece of that deliciousness, so I was conscious of eating less at dinner and sticking to my (mostly) Paleo guns. When it came time for dessert, I didn’t feel guilty or bad about wanting to indulge because I prepared for it. And honestly, you shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting to treat yourself every once in a while! It’s a piece of pie, or a cookie, that you don’t eat on a normal basis. So if you really want something, go for it. Just make sure you have a value size carton of Tums with you. 🙂

Most of us are lucky to have a few days off around the holidays. Take advantage of it to catch up on some Zz’s! Go to bed early. Don’t set an alarm. Go to the gym at 10 instead of 6. Give your body a chance to reset and reboot. It deserves it.

Take a Walk
Put that body in motion after consuming a few extra calories. Instead of heading straight to the couch in a food coma induced state, bundle up and rally a few family members for a brisk stroll. Even if it’s just around the block, getting fresh air and a little bit of exercise will make you feel much better and lighter.

Focus on what’s really important during the holidays- spending time with people you love. We all work so hard all the time at staying fit and eating well. If you want to have a few cookies, go for it. We’re all human. Except for you, Wonder Woman. Get outta here!

What do you guys do to stay healthy during the holidays?




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