Desperate Times…

Call for desperate measures. AKA canned tuna for dinner. Since I’m currently in the poor house and have had zero time to go food shopping, I’ve had to get a little creative with my food. Last night, after getting home from a 3 hour sweaty awesome spinning sesh, I was jonesin’ for some hefty food. Unfortunately, I discovered that the chicken and fresh veggies I bought had all gone bad (seriously, where are the weeks going? I swear I bought them yesterday…)

Anyhoo, I had baked some carrots over the weekend with cinnamon (so good) and had leftovers, and an avocado. I knew I was on to something here, but needed some protein that wasn’t expired chicken (gross). Luckily, I have a stash of canned tuna for emergencies just like this situation. I mixed it all together with coconut vinegar and lemon olive oil with some pepper. It actually tasted pretty amazing, and was proud of myself for combining 3 things I never would have done before! The creamy avocado and combo of olive oil and vinegar was a great substitute for mayo (wooof) which is the most common ingredient to use with tuna. But I’m pretty sure caveman didn’t have canned, processed, gooey, unidentifiable substances. Seriously, mayo freaks me out.

So, moral of the post is, you can always find something to throw together in your kitchen! If I can do it, so can you. Also, if you’re from the Boston area, first-congratulate yourself for being awesome, but then check out Gustare Olive Oils. It’s a little shop in Mashpee Commons on the Cape, and they have an awesome selection and range of flavored olive oils and vinegars. You can also order online. I HIGHLY recommend the coconut vinegar, its amaze.



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