CrossFit Hopping

As a consultant, I live my life on the road.  Over the past year I have stayed 143 nights in a hotel.  Although it may seem like a lot, I actually love it.  Traveling has given me the chance to see new places, try new gyms and meet new people.  Given my nomadic lifestyle, people might think its hard to eat healthy and stay fit.  I mean if you look at the average traveling businessman (sorry guys) he is most likely overweight.  Obviously this is a result of going out to eat every day, drinking with coworkers and not working out.  However, my friends, I have chosen a very different, often times seen as weird, path in my travels.

When I first find out where my next assignment will be, the first thing I do is look at the CrossFit website ( for a local box.  I have been lucky since there has always been one pretty close to where I am staying.  Then, I check to see where the nearest Whole Foods, Trader Joes, or, as a last resort, grocery store is.   Next, I call the hotel to see if there is a mini fridge in the room or if I can request one.  If all three check out, then I can take a deep breath and avoid a major panic attack.  All kidding aside, I know that if there is a mini fridge, grocery store and gym nearby, I will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the road.

Now, a lot of people like to travel since you don’t have to cook and can go out to eat every night.  That is definitely an option if you want to eat unhealthy and feel crappy.  So, on the first day I usually head to the local grocery store and stock up on fresh produce, chicken and almonds.  This way I can prepare a salad for lunch, bring some fruit and almonds or veggies and avocado for a snack, and have some chicken (or other lean meat I find) and veggies or sweet potatoes for dinner.  Although this might take a little extra time and bring out some weird looks from the concierge or fellow coworkers, it has worked out for me this far.

I think the best thing about traveling is being able to try out new CrossFit gyms and getting a new perspective on training.  I literally cannot imagine how boring and lonely traveling would be without CrossFit.  I have met a ton of awesome, super fit people through CrossFit that I still stay in contact with today.  Its awesome to have that sense of community when you are on the road in a city you know little about. Fellow crossfitters also don’t think its weird that you go grocery shopping instead of eating out every night which is always a plus.

If there isn’t a CrossFit gym in the area, Nerd Fitness ( has a ton of great hotel workouts.  They are all body weight movements that will kick your ass and make you sweat. To switch things up, I will also create some of my own WODs that can be done in the room.  I try to incorporate some body weight skills such as handstand pushups or pistols along with some air squats, pushups, burpees and dips.  Those movements alone will give you a great workout.

Do you travel a lot? How do you stay fit? Any recommendations? We’d love to hear from you!



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