Coconut Crusted Salmon + Mango Avocado Salad

I cooked fish for the first time the other night. I LOVE fish so much, I always order it when I go out, and am not sure why I’ve always been hesitant to cook it myself. Anyhoo, I got over my fear and found this awesome recipe for coconut crusted salmon from Caveman Strong and paired it with a mango and avocado salad I whipped up.

Mango+Avocado Salad

1 mango, sliced into 1 inch chunks
1 avocado sliced
Olive oil and cilantro to taste

Mix that ish all together. Consume.

Coconut Crusted Salmon

2 salmon filets
1 cup of shredded coconut unsweetened
1/4 cup of coconut flour
1 egg
1/4 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp minced Ginger
Pepper to taste

In a bowl mix all dry ingredients including the minced ginger and add it all to a big zip lock bag. In a plate wisk the egg till it’s a little frothy. Rinse the salmon filets and pat dry. Coat the filets in egg wash. Immedietly place them in the bag and shake them till they completely covered with the coconut mixture. (I repeated the egg wash and tossed in the coconut mix, I wanted a thick crust). Bake at 375 for 15 mins.

Next time, I won’t use as much coconut flour (it came out a little dry) and I also think I would throw them on the skillet instead of in the oven. Hope you all enjoy!



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