Easy, Awesome Green Beans

Since I’m new to this whole cooking thing, and I prefer if someone would just serve me prepared food instead of me doing it myself.. I’m really into simple, quick recipes. This one is awesome, and makes for great leftovers. I don’t have a set recipe, I kind of threw it together (wow, how useless am I today?!) But basically, sautee an onion at medium low heat until it’s nice and caramelized, then throw in your green string beans, and cook until desired done-ness (is that even a word? Can someone tell this girl how to write about food please?) Then add in some crushed walnuts about 2 minutes before you take saucepan off the heat (burnt walnuts are not so tasty). I usually add in some mushrooms, but was all out of them last night. For seasoning, I just add salt & pepper.

Regardless of my awful description and recipe, I highly recommend this dish! I cooked up some Greek sausage, Lucanico to go along with it, but I kinda burnt the sausage and didn’t want to post a picture and lose my awesome chef street cred. If you haven’t had Lucanico- go buy some! It’s aaaamazing and is made with orange rhine, giving it unbelievable flavor. Next time I cook it, I will perfect it and post some pics!


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