Reebok RealFlex Review


There is nothing better than a new pair of shoes. Although most girls get excited about a new pair of heels, I get overly excited about a new pair of sneakers. Back in my cross country days, I learned the importance of investing in a great pair of sneakers. Although, back then, this “great” pair usually involved some super cushiony and supportive running shoe. My, how things have changed since then..

After seeing the benefits of lifting barefoot, I knew it was time to get a pair of natural movement sneakers. The trainer at my gym gave me a list of some great minimalist shoes including the Nike Free, Reebok RealFlex, Vibran FiveFingers and Inov-8 Light. Since I have been working in semi-noman’s land for the past four months, I headed to the local Sports Authority to see what they had to offer. Although the selection was a little weak, they did have the Reebok RealFlex. I must say, I was a little apprehensive about these shoes since I never had much luck with Reeboks in the past. However, I decided to give them a shot, so I laced them up and took a lap around the store (I don’t care how strange I looked running around Sports Authority; I wasn’t going to drop $100 on a pair of crappy shoes) Plus, I’m from out of state, so I knew I wasn’t going to run into anyone I knew there.

Anyways, after my first couple of strides, I knew I was in love. Reebok has perfected the natural movement shoe. The shoe itself is cool looking (I got the ones in colbalt blue) super lightweight and flexible. The soft mesh body of the shoe provides comfort, breathability and flexibility. The sole has 76 individual “sensors” that adapt to your environment, enhancing the flexibility one desires with a minimalist shoe. Apparently, the sole is 20% lower to the ground than the conventional running shoe, providing a more responsive and natural feel.

With all science aside, this shoe is awesome. I have loved it since Day One. Like other minimalist shoes- if you are not used to the fit, I would definitely recommend introducing it slowly into your training regimen. A lot of people complain of ankle discomfort with these shoes since it does not offer as much support as one may be used to. But once your body gets used to the fit, its amazing. I tried really hard to come up with some complaint or con to this shoe, but honestly, I can’t think of one. If you are looking for a great natural movement shoe, this Reebok RealFlex sneaker is worth a try. You will not be disappointed!


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