Dear Stairmaster, I love you.

Don’t act like you don’t love the stock photo with the sunset lighting effect. I’m particularly fond of the way his buns of steel are accentuated by the tight shorts with the t-shirt tucked in.

I’ve been in love with the Stairmaster for quite some time. I’m not a runner, ellipticals bore me (except for the ArcTrainer.. more on that later)  so I needed a cardio alternative for my non Spin days when I was at the gym. Behold: The Almighty Stairmaster.

My favorite thing about the Stairmaster is that I am an absolute sweaty beast when I’m done. It’s SUCH a great workout, your heart rate is pumping the whole time. And, it’s always nice to build up your endurance so you can tackle stairs in your office or public spaces and not be sucking wind in front of strangers.

Surprise, surprise. Deborah Dunham over at Livestrong has a much more eloquent way of describing some benefits of the Stairmaster. Hope you enjoy!


Aerobic Conditioning

When used regularly for at least 20 minutes, three to five times a week, a StairMaster can benefit your cardiovascular system, while increasing endurance and stamina. It works the heart and raises the heart rate by challenging the legs to continually climb a moving set of stairs. As your fitness increases, you can continue to challenge yourself by increasing the speed and resistance settings on the machine.

Burns Calories

Because a StairMaster elevates heart rate, it can be an effective method of burning calories and weight loss. A 30-minute session can burn 200 to 250 calories on average, depending on the individual’s weight.


A StairMaster is non-impact, meaning there is not significant stress on the joints when using it. People with knee or back issues who cannot run on a treadmill often find a StairMaster more comfortable.

Builds Strength

Because of the climbing motion, StairMasters strengthen the major muscle groups in the lower body. Quadriceps (front thigh), hamstrings (back thigh), calves and gluteus maximus (buttocks) are all used.



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