100 Point Paleo System

The other day when I was checking out some crossfit gyms in the Boston area, I stumbled upon the Crossfit Southie Page.  I looked around the site for a bit; at their WODs, trainers (so hot), local events etc.  Then, I clicked on their Paleo section and hit an absolute gold mine.  Their approach to Paleo is based on a 100 point scale per week.  Every time you eat an un-paleo food, you must subtract 5 points.  There are a couple of exceptions to this five point rule such as Greek yogurt and oats (check out the link below for the complete list of exceptions).  Then, everyday you have fish oil its plus 2 points and everyday you crossfit or foam roll its another plus 2 points.  Its genius!

 This 100 point system is totally realistic and do-able.  I find that it is nearly impossible for me to use up all 100 points so I scaled it down to 50 for the week.  It’s a super easy way to keep track of what you’re actually eating and how it makes you feel.  A lot of the cheat foots (the minus 5 point foods) are measured in super small portions (i.e a tablespoon of ketchup) so it forces you to be mindful of the food your putting into your body.  Is that tablespoon of creamer REALY worth five points? Absolutely not. 

 SO anyways, take a look and let us know what you think!  Check out the Crossfit Southie link below for more information on this 100 point system and a comprehensive list of cheat foods.  Good luck!




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