Kettlebells For Dummies

I came across this article about kettlebell workouts in Shape, and found it to be really helpful. Using kettlebells for the first time is harder than it looks, and it’s important to have the correct form and know what you’re doing so you don’t hurt yourself (really wish I had seen this before I used them for the first time in CrossFit and almost puked..) But anyhoo, hope this helps! Anyone have any favorite kettlebell moves?

3 Things to Know About Kettlebell Workouts

1. Form is king. Before trying any kettlebell workout, it’s important to know and understand proper form. Take a kettlebell class with an experienced and certified instructor and ask for one-on-one help. A kettlebell workout is very challenging and can be fantastic for building strength, but if you’re not doing the moves properly, you can be injured or not see results.

2. It’s all about momentum. Kettlebell workouts are all about explosive, powerful movements. Unlike lifting weights where you slowly lift a weight, when working out with kettlebells, it’s all about using the momentum of the movement to lift the kettlebell. This combination of strength and movement gives you both a weight-lifting and cardio workoutin one!

3. Go heavy or go home. Heavy kettlebells are the name of the game when it comes to kettlebell workouts. Because you’re using momentum, you can lift a much heavier weight than you’re used to, so don’t be afraid — after you have your form down, of course— to pick up the heavier kettlebell.


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