Kick-ass Body Toning Circuit

This “Slimmer in 7 Days” Workout kicked my ass this morning. I hope they didn’t mean you were supposed to do this every day for 7 days, because I am going to be so sore tomorrow, it might be my off day. PS- don’t be fooled by how easy this model makes it look. I certainly did not look that good when I was doing it, and I definitely wasn’t smiling. (Insert sweaty, shaky, panting picture here).

WHAT YOU NEED: Two sets of dumbbells- one light, one heavy (2-5 lbs, 8-12 lbs)

PS- This is a circuit, so do all the exercises once through, and then go back and do them AGAIN for even more fun!

  • Stand holding a lighter dumbbell in each hand and bend elbows to bring weights near rib cage, palms facing each other.
  • Keeping weights tucked by ribs throughout move, tighten abs as you lift bent right knee up to hip height, then kick forward with right foot.
  • Bending right knee again and keeping it at hip height, immediately hinge forward slightly from hips and do a rear kick, extending right leg behind you, foot flexed. (Beginners can touch their right toes to floor between kicks for balance.)
  • Straighten up, bringing right knee forward, and repeat sequence.
  • Quickly alternate front and rear kicks until you’ve done 10 of each. Switch legs; repeat.

  • Stand on right leg with left leg bent behind you, holding a heavier weight in each hand, palms facing fronts of thighs.
  • Lean slightly forward from hips for balance.
  • Bend elbows to slowly curl weights to chest level, palms facing floor.
  • Lower weights to start.
  • Do 12 reps. Switch legs; repeat.

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding a light weight in each hand, elbows slightly bent, palms facing fronts of thighs.
  • Step out to right with right foot (so feet are shoulder-width apart), and keeping knees aligned over ankles, sink into a squat as you bend elbows out to sides to bring weights up to chest level, palms facing floor.
  • Quickly step back to start position by pressing off right foot, lowering weights as you go.
  • Do 8 reps. Switch sides; repeat.

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding a heavier weight in each hand, arms by sides.
  • Take a giant step back with right leg and sink into a lunge so both knees are bent 90 degrees as you raise arms straight out to sides at shoulder level, palms facing floor.
  • Hold for 1 count, then lower arms as you step right foot forward to return to start position.
  • Do 12 reps. Switch legs; repeat.
  • Stand with feet hip-width apart, toes pointed slightly outward, holding a heavier weight in each hand.
  • Bring both hands over left shoulder, elbows bent, dumbbells near left ear.
  • Take a wide step out to the right with right foot, toes slightly turned out, and sink into a plie squat (knees bent 90 degrees, knees over ankles) as you lower weights diagonally to the outside of right hip. (Beginners can take a shorter step out to side.)
  • Hold for 1 count and press off right foot to return to start.
  • Do 15 reps. Switch sides; repeat. 
  • Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding a lighter weight in each hand straight overhead, palms facing forward.
  • Keeping arms overhead throughout, lunge forward with right leg, right knee bent 90 degrees and aligned over ankle, left knee bent 90 degrees toward floor.
  • Quickly push off with right foot and immediately step it backward into a rear lunge to complete 1 rep. (Beginners can return to standing position between lunges.)
  • Do 15 reps. Switch legs; repeat. 
  • Sit on floor with knees bent, feet flat, holding a heavy weight in each hand, palms facing floor.
  • Lean torso back 45 degrees and lift arms forward, keeping them straight, about a foot off floor so weights are on either side of thighs.
  • Keeping abs tight and back straight throughout, pulse weights up and down 1 inch — that’s 1 rep.
  • Do 20 reps. (Build up to 40, depending on your fitness level.) 
  • Place light weights on floor shoulder-width apart.
  • Grasp dumbbells, palms facing in, and get into full push-up position: shoulders directly above wrists, body balanced on hands and toes in a straight line from head to heels.
  • Maintaining this position, lift left knee in toward chest.
  • Quickly switch legs, bringing right knee toward chest.
  • Alternate lifting each knee in toward chest in a brisk rhythm.
  • Do 8 reps per leg. 
  • Holding a heavier weight in each hand, lie on back, arms by sides, palms facing in.
  • Extend left arm straight up toward ceiling and bend knees 90 degrees, lifting feet in air so that shins are parallel to floor.
  • Slowly lower left arm across body to outside of right shoulder as you bring both knees down toward left until they nearly touch floor.
  • Hold for 1 count; return to start.
  • Do 15 reps. Switch sides; repeat.
Phewwww. Anyone else sick of this girl smiling yet? My fav moves were the weighted Mountain Climber (gives it some extra ‘oomph’ and the last one- total killer on the obliques)  I instantly felt tighter and more toned after doing it. I left out one move that I didn’t really like (sorry) but you can find the complete circuit over at Fitness Magazine. They have awesome workout plans and a great mobile app that’s convenient for new workouts on the go.

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