Going Paleo


I was the biggest skeptic of the Paleo diet, or any diet that said “No Carbs”. Being physically active my whole life, I was always told that you needed carbs for energy, especially if you were working out constantly. When a few of my girlfriends started talking about doing it, I thought they were crazy. I eat relatively healthy (minus my sweet tooth) and work out regularly,and am not really looking to lose any weight, so I wasn’t interested.

But then Erica (who also was a no-carb skeptic) started doing Paleo behind my back and only told me 2 weeks after she started that she had been doing it and how amazing she felt. Bitch! She told me that she felt like she had more energy, was sleeping better at night, wasn’t bloated after meals, her workouts were improving, she didn’t miss bread at all, blah blah blah. All of the cheesy stuff that people say when they’re dieting that make you want to punch them in the face.

After telling her to STFU, she told me I should just try it. Hoping that I could prove her wrong, I gave it a shot. But then something weird happened. After the first couple of days.. the same things were happening to me. I was becoming the person that I loved to hate, and all of those wonderful things that Erica described were happening to me. WTF?

Still thinking I was crazy, I snagged her copy of Robb Wolf’s The Paleo Solution. And all I have to say is, wow. It’s really eye opening and inspirational. For any of you Paleo newbies, I highly recommend heading over to his website and checking him out, and pick up a copy of the book. It helps justify the decision of going Paleo, and I don’t think it’s one you’ll regret.

I’m pretty excited about this new way of eating. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely cheated several times for some bread cravings or cake, but find myself having fewer and fewer cheats due to the way I feel after eating that stuff again. And, since I’ve recently discovered some awesome Paleo sweet-tooth recipes (which I will be sharing) I’m not having those temptations as much anymore.

Sorry for the ramble and being the person we all love to hate, but we both want to do our part in spreading the Paleo love! Let us know if you guys have any success stories and we will continue to share ours 🙂





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